Sunday, December 23, 2012

Happy New Paradigm

Aloha from the Beautiful Hawaiian Islands, and Welcome to the New Paradigm ~ The Golden Age of Enlightenment!

I'll be sharing more in the coming days about this powerful, ecstatic new energy we find ourselves surfing. While the window of astronomical intensity is still open ~ check out Marie Diamond's lecture and both meditations.  There's time to activate tools for your empowerment until 12/23/12.  Here is the link for all 3 downloads.  Enjoy her gifts!

Sending you my deepest Love as we create Supreme Bliss together...


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

2012: Navigate Your Greatest Soul Shift

Aloha Time Traveler's

We are knee-deep in the Shift of the Ages!  Every day I see evidence of the New Golden Age of Enlightenment, and my joy continues to build during this unfolding Living Prophecy.  I have been preparing my whole life (in fact, many lifetimes) for the Beauty and the Power of RIGHT NOW!

I want to share with each of you the most amazing course, offered by the Daily Om, in regard to fully empowering yourself for 2012 and beyond.  The course is being offered by Michele Meiche, and it is changing my life swiftly ~ with grace and ease.

Michele Meiche from her week 1 video.
Michele has a keen understanding of the Shifting Times, and how that is having impact ~ on both the micro and the macro.  Best of all, she employs fabulous tools to navigate through this amazing Shift of the Ages.  See her take on the energy below.

"We are now in a time of the "Converging Flow" 

"People from all walks of life are waking up and becoming more aware. It is a time of the Great Awakening. It is no longer enough to have a more expanded viewpoint or more consciousness there is now a need to share this awareness with others. The first part of the Awakening is the inner changes that begin to manifest in our outer life. The second part of the Awakening is the "Converging Flow". This is the "coming together" and the synergistic relationships that are now being co-created. 

"It is also a time create new systems of thought, new jobs, new careers, new books, new institutions that reflect this expanded consciousness. 

"This is a major focus of the "Converging Flow". We are all converging together. Another part of the "Converging Flow" is hearing an "Inner Call". However, you receive this inner call; it is a call to a new life and a new way of being in the world. Part of this call is sharing more of you authentically and being more of service in your world. For many this "Inner Call" is a feeling of living in 2 worlds and a feeling of seeing below the surface. "

~ Michele Meiche

The Shift is actually a series of shifts, as explained by Michele.  Navigating these shifts from the vantage point of our Highest Soul Purpose is the greatest gift I have received to date.  I invite you to join us on this dynamic journey.

Click here, or the caption on the photo below to sign up for this amazing course.  You choose the fee for the 8 week course, and Michele has supplied awesome bonus materials in week 9; including some of the Ascension Symptoms so many are experiencing.  Check it out ~ you owe it to yourself to make the very best of 2012!

Click to register for Michele's course.

If you are ready to hear some juicy info from the Master herself, I have prepared a recording of her Week 1 Welcome video for your enjoyment.  Here's the link.

I look forward to traversing this amazing journey with all of you.  Wishing you Love and Light...

Walk in Beauty,

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Amber's 2012 Readings

What's YOUR 2012 Life Purpose?

Aloha from the Beautiful Hawaiian Islands.  The long awaited year is finally here - 2012 in all it's glory is radiating full force.  What an exciting time to be alive!

There is a vibrancy and intensity to the flow of energy-at-large this Gregorian Year ~ I feel the field growing every single morning that I awaken too.  2012 is a catalyst year in that it demands change.  Many people are feeling the quiet, (and sometimes not so quiet), push forward ~ but don't know how to respond.

The Mayan Calendar and it's prophesies are a blueprint or map as to how one may best navigate this cycle to achieve personal and collective empowerment.

One of the keys in this emerging New Paradigm, is to allow your purpose to drive you!   We are already encoded with all we need to gracefully transition into The Golden Age of Enlightenment; for which 2012 is an entry portal.

I have gone deep inside for months now, and done my personal work to prepare for this dynamic Shift of the Ages. I have done Ceremony upon Ceremony, to best determine where others are energetically, and what my place in facilitating the Collective Shift is. 

A sample ad for the Readings the Elders have compelled me to do to assist others.

I have been guided to share 2012 Life Purpose Readings at a deep discount to my normal hourly rate.  It is vital for people to fully utilize the Power of the various alignments which 2012 presents to literally propel themselves forward.  We're talking Quantum Leap stuff here, not plodding along, doing the "Bill Murray Baby Steps Dance" anymore!   

I will do quarter hour readings for $22, half hour readings for $44, and a full hour for $77.  All readings are deeply discounted from my regular rate of $99 per hour.  

These readings will look at your individual Astrology (Native American and Mayan systems), Moon Wheel placement, and current energy level, as well as your deeply encoded gifts, talents and abilities; and how to use these aspects for your Self-Empowerment.  These readings are Powerful, and have the potential to be life-changing; if you are willing to receive and integrate the information offered to you, and ACT as Divinely Inspired, always in the direction of your Life Purpose.

If this calls to you, all readings are prepaid and will be done via phone. Simply click the appropriate button below for the length of reading you would prefer.  Once payment is received via PayPal, you will instantly receive an intake form.  Return your form with just a click, and we will make a telephone appointment to begin YOUR Journey of Actualization. 

I have 40 years experience as a Seer/Reader, and you may see some of my testimonials on my Shamanic site (needs to be updated) by clicking here.  Enjoy!

Quarter Hour Reading ~ $22

Half Hour Reading ~ $44

1 Hour Reading ~ $77

Here's to YOUR 2012 Awakening!

Walk in Beauty,
Amber Blissin' Out in Paradise

Monday, June 13, 2011

2012: We Are the Living Prophecy!

"Once one has heard about 2012,
one is called to action to help define the new reality." 
 ~ Dr. Jose Arguelles

*see info at bottom of post ~ World Protection Belt

I recently found the following information on the back of the Mayan Calendar that I've followed for 9 years - the 13 Moon Natural Time Calendar:

"As we firmly head towards the prophetic synchronization date of December 21, 2012, we are all invited to link hearts and minds to generate a telepathic field of love and peace that stabilizes our transition beyond the "cycle of history," (B.C. 3114-2012 A.D.) into the new phase of our galactic-solar-planetary evolution.

Rather than expecting some product or circumstance to arrive Ancients that these are the critical moments to bring our inspiration and empowerment to the fore.

We are the ones honored to be living in these moments of the Closing of the Great Cycle.  The art of peace is our mission in these transitional times of shifting world ages.

As agents of awakening, we are here to beautify our shared life!  With courage and compassion,  may we arise into our full creative capacities.  May we know the worth of the art of our being that emerges through our hearts.

As a synthesis of ancient wisdom and modern revelation, this solar-lunar-galactic calendar offers us a new time liens, a new cosmic context, a new paradigm model to support the unfolding of a new culture that lives in phase with the intelligence of nature.

This calendar system is utilized by people in 90 countries around the world, fulfilling the prophecy of the Return to Living in Natural Time!  Knowing that a calendar is the central organizing instrument of global society, we are realizing the way we frame and relate to time impacts our minds, every day programming our sense of reality.

In alignment with the shifting of world age cycles, we are choosing a calendar that synchronizes us in harmony with the cycles of the Earth, Moon, Sun, Stars, and our own telepathic nature, guiding us to manifest a global collective dedicated to peaceful, inspired connectivity and positive cultural transformation.

This powerful tool strengthens our own intuitive sense of timing, and assists us in sensing and respecting the sacred nature of all existence.  In learning this new language of harmony, we realize the codes of natural time are alive - speaking through the calendar, and revealing themselves within our own bodies and minds!

Special thanks to Eden Sky for sharing her Beauty and Wisdom throughout the many cycles I've been blessed to travel with her impeccable foresight and guidance!

Deepest Love and Gratitude,
Amber Blissin' Out in Paradise


from the photo above...

* Join people around the world in visualizing ~ The World Protection Belt ~ 
"The Rainbow Bridge Around the Earth is the Vision of a Healed Earth, and the Vision that Heals the Earth." 
~ Dr. Jose Arguelles

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

9th Wave via Ian Lungold ~ 20-day Waves!

Aloha from the Beautiful Hawaiian Islands...

Recently I viewed a YouTube done by the late Ian Lungold, Mayanist which outlined a new view of the 9th and final wave of the Mayan Calendar (see my last post).  In Ian's model - the 9th Wave began on February 10, 2011 and ends on October 28, 2011 (the same day as Carl Calleman's end date).

The difference between these two systems is that Ian's model calls for 20-day waves for each of the 13 Heavens (still 7 days and 6 nights), vs. Carl's 18-day cycles.  From working with the Traditional Mayan Calendar, and Hunbatz Men; there are several numbers which continually arise.  Some of those numbers are 7, 13, 20, 26, and 52; and their multiples.

From working with the Tzolkin and the 20 Solar Tribes (from the 13 Moon Calendar via Jose Arguelles), the system that is singing to me at this time, is the Ian Lungold system.  I also lived my life based on the Mayan Twenty Count for the past decade or more, and have found it to be right on point as a divination tool.

As a Cherokee, I have been taught that we trace back to the Maya, and that the Maya trace back to the Pleiades.  I am open to overlay the multiple systems, and determine which is working with my body shifts, and the external worldly signals and patterns.


 I'll be back with more information from overlaying the 18-day and 20-day waves.

~ Amber Blissin' Out in Paradise...

Friday, June 3, 2011


Mayan Calendar 101

Aloha from the Beautiful Hawaiian Islands.  I have worked with the Mayan Calendar for over 9 Gregorian years now...and a video that I watched last night rocked my socks off!

Ian Lungold of Mayan Magix appeared during a workshop (apparently from 2005), giving insights about the 8th and 9th Waves.  Arrange your schedule to view this informative video ~ he was really funny too.

Ian was right on point about the energies, the timing, and most important of all ~ how to effectively surf the 9th Wave of Unity Consciousness, as we are in the midst of momentous change.  He has practical advice for staying centered right now, and consciously moving toward Co-Creation Consciousness.


Amber Blissin' Out in Paradise

Monday, May 23, 2011

Now on Facebook!

I've finally gotten a Facebook presence for 12-22-2012 Blog.

screenshot from the new Facebook Page

Here's the link to like us on Facebook.

There's so much information popping so fast now, that I feel the Facebook presence will allow me to update news and insights more swiftly, and to share info from other awesome 2012 sources too.

~ Amber Blissin Out in Paradise